Label Placement - Solar Warning Labels
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Proper Label Placement Locations

Where Do The Warning Labels Go?


Our premium 4 mil vinyl and 1 mil Mylar polyester laminated labels are made right here in the USA. They are UV rated for outdoor use and will last for years to come. They are extremely durable and have rounded corners to prevent peeling. We screen print with a vibrant UV resistant red paint and then bake in an oven for a superior finish. The backing is coated with the highest quality permanent adhesive and are easy to apply. The letters are in bold type and headers are in a 3/8” type set to comply with UL969 and NEC requirements.


  1. Solar Panels (array) – No lableing required however some will mark with “Do Not Walk On Solar Panels”
  2. Combiner Box – use label part numbers: 00-S, 01-S, 02-S, 04-S, 11-S, 16-S, 21-S & 30-S
  3. DC Disconnect or DC Breaker- use label part numbers: 02-S, 04-S, 05-S, 06-S, 14-S, 16-S, 17-S, 18-S, 21-S & 29-S
  4. Conduit – use label part numbers: 11-S, 19-S & 26-S (must be placed on DC Conduit every 10 feet)
  5. Inverter – use label part numbers: 01-S, 09-S, 20-S & 25-S
  6. AC Disconnect or AC Breaker – use label part numbers: 00-S, 07-S, 13-S, 17-S, 18-S, 27-S & 28-S
  7. Breaker Panel – use label part numbers: 00-S, 08-S, 11-S, 12-S, 21-S, 22-S, 24-S & 30-S
  8. Service Meter – use label part numbers: 01-S
  9. Net Meter – use label part numbers: 01-S